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About Us

I have had the distinct pleasure of being a nanny for over 20 years. I've worked with all type of families, including those with multiples, preemies and nuerodivergent children. When my husband and I gave birth to our second child, a little girl, we decided to hire a nanny. We interviewed over 40 nannies from many of the reputable agencies and childcare sites. I could write a book on the craziness I observed from incompetent nannies to those showing up with their spouse to "co-nanny." It was quite the ordeal. At that time I realized it would be great if we could sift through the insanity and just interview nannies who were viable options for us. From this experience, E-Nanny was born. I've combined my experience as a parent, career nanny and educator to bring you an elite team of nannies committed to exceptional service. 

Our Nannies are the best! This isn't the home of your everyday sitter. We hire Nannies with diverse backgrounds and extensive skill sets. They go through a rigorous screening process to ensure they are the type of quality carers our clients seek and their children deserve. We are strong proponents of professional development. To that end, we upskill and provide on-going education opportunities for all of the nannies in our network. Our ideal clients support and encourage their nannies to engage in professional development and grow their skills while partnering with them via open communication to produce a pleasant and efficient work environment that is ideal for nurturing, developing and instructing children. We are also proud members of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. Being a member sets us apart from other nanny agencies because, much like our candidates, we were selected after a rigorous and intensive screening and vetting process. We are the only APNA endorsed agency in Oklahoma. This ensures that our agency has been gone through a rigorous screening and vetting process to ensure that we align with industry standards. 

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