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Temporary, Short-Term, or Date Night Care


Our temporary care nannies are short-term childcare providers who step in to assist families during specific periods or circumstances. They offer their services for a defined duration, such as when parents need to travel, have work commitments, or face a temporary emergency. Temporary care nannies are typically experienced and adaptable, as they quickly familiarize themselves with a family's routine and children's needs. They provide essential childcare and may also manage related tasks such as transporting to and from school during their tenure. While not a permanent fixture, these nannies offer invaluable support and peace of mind to families.

A cost effective option for clients seeking occasional, on-call, recurring, group or event care. Our temporary care options provide quick response times and efficient booking. 


  • Flexible scheduling

  • Vetted candidates

  • Efficient booking process

  • Quick response times

  • Large candidate pool

On Call
Placement Fee (1 Month): $100/month

Placement Fee (3 Months): $65/month
Placement Fee (Annual): $50/month
Placement Fee (Per Request): $30/request
*Includes $100 registration fee

Short-Term Placement Fee: $300/month
Summer Placement Fee (3 Months): $800/summer

*Includes $100 registration fee

**Contact us for event or group care pricing

E-Nanny Flex: Temporary Care

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