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Is E-Nanny Co. is the right agency for me?

Our clients are families just like you! They are looking for exceptional childcare and household assistance. They come from all walks of life from stay at home parents and multigenerational homes to c-suite executives and entrepreneurs. Often they are short on time but refuse to cut corners when it comes to selecting an amazing nanny or household employee for their family. Our ideal clients value integrity, transparent and solution-driven communication, and professional development. Our family partners own their responsibilities as employers and strive to provide a work environment that is conducive for success.

When will I receive candidates?

Most concierge clients can expect to receive candidates within 5-7 business days after paperwork and the initial payment is submitted. Most long-term placements take between 2-6 weeks. We may be able to expedite your specific placement in which case you could receive candidates much sooner, but this is assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

What are typical nanny rates and benefits?

Great question! Most nannies are paid between $15-30/hour with the lower end of that spectrum reserved for entry level carers with 3 or less years of experience. 
Benefits range and can include some of the following: 

  • Paid Time Off

  • ​Paid Holidays

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Mileage Reimbursement

  • Health Insurance Stipend

  • Vehicle Maintenance Stipend

  • Cell Phone Stipend

  • Professional Development Stipend

How do I make payment?

Once we receive your completed paperwork, we will send an electronic invoice for the registration fee and 1/2 of the placement cost. You can render payment via debit card, ach transfer, or credit card. The first half of the placement cost is a retainer of services for work rendered on the front end of your placement (vetting, background checks, references, skills assessments, screenings, etc.) and is non-refundable. The 2nd half of your placement fee is only due payable once you find a nanny candidate that you'd like to employ. For priority placements, the 2nd half of your placement is due once you've received 3 approved candidates. For temporary or on-call placements, the application fee is due immediately and the monthly fee starts when your first date of care is secured.   All fees are non-refundable.  

What happens if I terminate the nanny or she/he leaves?

Our concierge package offers a full replacement option for up to 120 days. A full replacement policy allows you to replace your nanny and restart the vetting process with no additional cost to you if initiated within the placement specific timeframe. If you select a placement without a replacement benefit, while all fees are non-refundable, any new placements or services will be billed according to the following discount schedule: 

·  1-14 Days: 75% Discount 

·  15-30 Days: 50% Discount

·  31-60 Days: 25% Discount

·  61-120 Days: 10% Discount

Any services after 120 days will be billed at our normal rate.  All clients have the option to add a full replacement policy to their placement for $50 per month. 

Questions about payroll?

You will pay your nanny directly. We have contracted with Homework Solutions to provide payroll info and resources to our clients. We realize that many families have questions regarding their IRS obligations when employing a nanny. Homework Solutions is one of the leading companies in this industry specializing in household employees for over 25 years. Our personal contact is Rachel Lawrence (Phone: 571.293.8800 Email: If you contact her and mention our agency (E-Nanny) they will provide you with free information and resources to help you assess what payroll method might work best for your family. 

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