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Erika and her team are absolutely fantastic! She did a great job finding qualified and professional candidates quickly and now we are working with a wonderful nanny that our son adores. We could not be happier with the fantastic care our son is receiving. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for childcare.

Sarah Dressler

I just wanted to drop you a message about how great our placement with our nanny has been! I’ll list a few of the things I feel make her outstanding: Her communication with me is top notch. Nothing is left to question because of it. She’s timely and also communicates promptly if she is running behind (even if by 3 mins or so).
Her overall presence and demeanor is calm, caring, and sincere at all times. I literally have learned from the good energy she brings with her. She puts in a FULL days work. Even though it is not a rule I’ve put in place, I have never seen her sit on the couch! She looks for things to do without my direction. When I have been away, and she’s been at home alone with the children, I can still tell from the appearance of my home that she was busy not only with engaging the kids but also with household chores. This isn’t easy to juggle considering sometimes all 5 of my kids are in her care at times (7yr old, two 3 yr olds, and two infants). She handles situations with maturity. The simple things: Today one of the toddlers was on the potty, and I overheard Halle say to her, “Do you need some privacy?” The respect that shows to children, and the lesson it gives them is impactful. I could go on, but I’ll stop there! I just want you to know you have a STELLAR employee in Halle!

Kamela Dickenson

Sleeping Baby

Erika is incredibly professional and easy to work with. We have loved our nanny and couldn't have asked for a better experience. E-Nanny has also found us very professional date night and last minute care when needed. I highly recommend using them.

Megan Harlan

Erika and Lindsey made the search and hiring process so easy! They found the perfect addition to our family who genuinely loves our baby. I would recommend E-Nanny to anyone!

Briana Mattie

E-Nanny is truly amazing. I couldn't be happier with the help I have received from Erika and her team. She is super knowledgeable and really knows her stuff. I feel very relaxed knowing she is taking care of my baby. This has been the best experience and I would recommend E-nanny to everyone. Very professional and reliable staff.

Annie McMillen

Erika & E-Nanny are fantastic! Erika made sure that my infant and toddler had the absolute best care & worked with my crazy schedule. We were so blessed to find Erika and I will always be grateful for her! Highly recommend!

Ashley Zilmer

E-Nanny is a service that takes all the leg work out of finding quality, caring childcare. They offered qualified, professional candidates quickly. I highly recommend their services when searching for a nanny. Save your time for planning date nights, scheduling work meetings, etc. and leave the nanny search to E-Nanny!

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Andre Cotton

My husband and I were at our wits end with potty training. We were 2 years in and could not seem to get anything started. Someone we knew gave us Erika's number and said we should give her a call. Our son instantly connected with her and she was so encouraging and helpful with us. She came over one time and helped us get on track. Since then we have had minimal accidents and she gave us the tools to keep it going. I don't know where we would be without her! Thank you so much Erika!

Heather Hixson

Erika is the baby whisperer, she is beyond amazing! Her professionalism, expertise and knowledge are exactly what you would want in a nanny.

Megan Elias

Just want to send a note to share how grateful I am for E-Nanny connecting us to Michelle. She is a dream come true that I didn't even know was possible. The way that she cares for our babies, engages them and supports their development has been incredible. She is attentive to all of the details and her wisdom on parenting, infant and toddler care has supported me in being a better mother. I know every day my children are experiencing love, care, active learning, and development. I could not be happier, and as I count my blessings of 2022, I count you. For first placing Phylicia in my life who helped us through the most challenging time and now we have Michelle. Both of them have filled my heart and home with joy. Thank you, Erika!

Carlisha Bradley

Image by Henley Design Studio

Amazing and professional. They are reliable, experienced, and always add an extra touch by keeping the house picked up. Major brownie points for this mama!

Christa Collins

We have not used a Nanny agency before and have been really impressed with E-Nanny. My partner and I both work long hours and worried about not being home with our kids, but Erika and her team found us an excellent nanny who feels like a part of our family. I can't say enough good things about this business and would recommend it to anyone!

Charlie Hossler

I got a fulltime job and needed to find a professional nanny with only two weeks notice. E-nanny was so quick and kept me on top of the paperwork and interviews in order to find an amazing nanny in such short notice. My placement counselor, Janelyn, was so professional and polite. Thank you so much E-Nanny!

Maura Walker

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