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A Guide to Managing Public Tantrums


How do you handle screaming fits in public?


(1) DO NOT just ignore your child as they scream in public. While it may work at home, in public it is rude and inconsiderate. If you are unable to help them get control over themselves, take them elsewhere (the bathroom or outside, etc.)

(2) DON'T feel the need to explain to strangers. Saying "He missed his nap." "It's been a long day." "He really wanted some candy" isn't necessary. While all of the above may be true, we are trying to teach our children that in spite of how upset they are, some behaviors aren't acceptable. Just focus on your child and not on explaining his behavior to others.

(3) RELAX. It happens to everyone at some point. Just breathe, be confident, speak calmly and flex your nanny muscles.

I have found that when children (not infants) find that you won't tolerate screaming fits they tend to adjust. We have walked out on many a shopping trip, playground visit, or outing because of poor choices. All of my charges are confident that I love them and that I absolutely mean what I say.

However you choose to handle screaming fits, above all be consistent. Follow thru. Your little ones will adapt and these type of situations will become few and far between.

Have a wonderful nanny day!

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