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Our Soapbox (Trigger warning - ratchet behavior ahead)

*This is me...climbing on my soapbox.

**Trigger warning (ratchet behavior ahead)

A few conversations this week have surprised me. One having to do with CPR and First Aid certification. I wasn't surprised that some nannies didn't have an active certification (listen even our driver's license expires without us knowing about it at times). It's the legitimate pushback I received when individuals were asked to get it that really surprised me.

Some of the reasons they cited:

1. The parents aren't certified

2. No one has ever made me get it before

3. I'm busy

Let's unpack this....

1. The parents aren't.

There are no certifications a parent must take to be a parent. But guess what? We aren't the parent. This is our profession. If their baby falls into a pool, is unconscious, and you, the professional nanny, don't know how to do CPR...guess who becomes unemployable and blacklisted in childcare for the rest of their

2. No one has ever made me get it before.

Are you the type of professional that only does what they are made to do? Listen...driving requires a drivers license. Owning a car requires insurance. Serving or cooking in restaurants requires a food handler permit. Serving alcohol publicly requires a liquor license. Providing care to children the bare minimum, a current and active CPR and FA certification.

3. I'm busy (this is my favorite)

Not too busy to require $15, $20, and $25/hour though? If you're too busy to get the certification for your job, you're too busy to have a job.

It's not my intention to be harsh. It is, however, my goal to shine a light on professional apathy. It is so incredibly important that we all align with this boundary and stop endorsing those who are not willing to do their part. This is our reasonable service. This is not the place to cut corners. As professional nannies, we should all maintain cpr and first aid certification as a bare minimum. Our children deserve it. As an industry, let's encourage one another into more and better. More accountability. Better outcomes. More professional development. Better client experiences.

Let's commit to doing our very best to keep the children, all the children, safe.

Be well.

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